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How To Protect Your Blog Content On Blogger

How To Legally Protect Your Blog Content From Copying .

Many blogger users can find their perfect template to use it on their blog. Some templates may not contain the codes that helps you to protect your content. This may cause some issues when your content is being copied by another bloggers.

When someone tries to steal your content this is illegal, this cause some problem during the process of Google and search engines crawling. It leads to some problems in the copyright restrictions and may decrease your blog raking on Google.

So we have some codes to add to your blog on Blogger hosting. These codes will help you to legally protect your full content  including pages or even posts. Please do the following steps carefully to add the codes correctly on your blog.

 1- Download the following txt note through the direct link on mediafire .

2-  Now go to your blog on blogger and choose theme.

3- Beside the customize option click to open the menu .

4- Choose Edit HTML to add the codes.

5- Copy the first code and go at the end of the template , then paste the code above the body widget .

6- To add the second code follow these steps.

  • First copy the second code from the txt file.

  • Go to the theme again and click on the blank area of the page.

  • Click the buttons CTRL + F to open the search bar inside your template theme.

  • Search about this code 👉👉 ]]></b:skin> > .

  • Above the skin code paste the second protection code like the following image .

These codes will give your blog the full copyright such as.

1- To protect your blog content from hot keys that may copy your content like.
  • F12 .
  • CTRL+U .
2- No one can select any sentences or paragraphs on your blog.

3- To give your images the full copyright.

4- Activate the full protection from the inspect option on google chrome.

5- Protect your all videos on your blog.

6- Both pages and article have the full copyright protection. 

Tips to Copyright Your Content on Blogger.

1- First of all your blog should have the terms of use page. It's a traditional notice on your website shows the viewers that value of using your website. It also a statement that protects your pages and articles .

2- The second one is to add your copyright notice at the bottom of your blog. It's about writing copyright + your website link + the year of starting your website.

3- Add the page of disclaimer to your blog. This page will protect you from liability and save you from being sued by someone. It's not necessary to add this page but it may be a powerful tool to protect your blog overall.

4- Make sure to use legal website name . In order to avoid any consequences , try to choose name express your blog purpose but not related to a brand or a real business name.

5- Be always sure to use your own logo and images. It's about generating your own art work that you need to complete your articles.

6- State the real purpose of your blog : try always to reflect the value of  your content . It will help you to gain more confidence from your viewers. The main goal is to benefit the readers and to help them to get what they really needs. 

By : money2fast

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